Espresso Catering – Private Party

Last year, October 2021, I had the great privilege to serve at a friend’s celebration of being sober. The party was being held in the lounge of an upscale restaurant downtown. In the lounge, there was a bar with a bartender serving non-alcoholic beverages, and servers handing out small dishes of food for the tables. The party went on late into the evening. I had never imagined that my espresso catering services would be required for such an event. But somewhere in the middle of it all, I had the realization of how natural it felt. My coffee cart was appreciated by the guests, and I had a profound satisfaction to be a part of and serving the good people celebrating an effort to becoming sober.

It was a reminder that new breakthroughs are always at our fingertips, and we must stretch out and accept new opportunities as they come. When we imagine venturing into something new, we are often faced with doubt and uncertainty. It requires courage to put ourselves in a challenging situation and seeing it through. That is a fact. But that is where growth happens. That is where breakthroughs happen.

As with coffee and espresso catering, I am always amazed to see where my coffee cart will take me. I try to embrace and adapt to the new environments I am surrounded by, and find how I fit into it, and then find how I can conduct myself to better serve the people around me. It is something that requires practice and something that I am still learning about, but with all things, practice makes perfect.

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