Espresso Catering – Vineyard Bridal Shower

Being a newcomer to Vancouver, I was unfamiliar with certain places around the city. There are always new surprises around the corner for each and every event that I do espresso catering for. But on this one particular event, I was told that the event would take place at a vineyard. I didn’t realize thatContinue reading “Espresso Catering – Vineyard Bridal Shower”

Espresso Catering – Spring Celebration at the Office

When I first started this espresso catering business, I imagined all of the different places that a mobile cafe might be needed. The first kinds of events that came to mind were parties, weddings, and special occasions. It didn’t occur to me until later that the office would be a setting in which a coffeeContinue reading “Espresso Catering – Spring Celebration at the Office”

Espresso Catering – Private Party

Last year, October 2021, I had the great privilege to serve at a friend’s celebration of being sober. The party was being held in the lounge of an upscale restaurant downtown. In the lounge, there was a bar with a bartender serving non-alcoholic beverages, and servers handing out small dishes of food for the tables.Continue reading “Espresso Catering – Private Party”

Arabica and Robusta. What’s the difference?

I see many people confuse coffee “strength” or, caffeine content, with roast styles. A lot of times people associate a “stronger” (higher caffeine) coffee with a darker roast. This simply isn’t true. The content of caffeine in your coffee depends largely on the type of coffee beans you are using. There are 2 types ofContinue reading “Arabica and Robusta. What’s the difference?”

Brewing Coffee at Home – Pour Over Coffee

If every morning you start your day by brewing and drinking a cup of coffee, it’s worth your while to do it right. Millions of people start their day by drinking a cup of coffee, but how many put love and care into this ritual? My home-coffee drinking experiences range from Nescafe, drip coffee machine,Continue reading “Brewing Coffee at Home – Pour Over Coffee”