Espresso Catering – Spring Celebration at the Office

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When I first started this espresso catering business, I imagined all of the different places that a mobile cafe might be needed. The first kinds of events that came to mind were parties, weddings, and special occasions. It didn’t occur to me until later that the office would be a setting in which a coffee cart would be appreciated.

On this particular day in spring 2022, I was serving coffee for the employees at an office downtown. Even though there was a cafe in the lobby of their building, still I was hired to do the coffee catering. It was a celebration of spring, the time when life begins again, flowers bloom, and hearts are full. Family members of the employees came to the office for appetizers, coffee and to socialize. They were chatting together with coffees in hand, and I felt so good to serve coffee and to see the hard-working team of people with their families on the weekend enjoying life, enjoying spring.

And so here I was, with my coffee cart, in an office, with new people. The feeling that the coffee cart fit in so well to the office, that serving coffee was helping to bring the spring feeling, that life can begin again with a warm sip of coffee.

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