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Being a newcomer to Vancouver, I was unfamiliar with certain places around the city. There are always new surprises around the corner for each and every event that I do espresso catering for. But on this one particular event, I was told that the event would take place at a vineyard. I didn’t realize that there are vineyards so close to the city. I knew that BC was a producer of fine wines, but I suspected somewhere far away in the vast province. Wrong I was. Only a 45 minute drive took me to wine country with valleys of grapes and the scenery much like you’d expect to see in the countryside of Italy. This took place during the middle of the heat wave in June 2021, with the temperature soaring past 40 degrees.

The bride’s family and friends had gathered there to enjoy an afternoon of celebrations . The event planner had organized a few carts at the venue, one with flowers, one with cocktails, and one with appetizers. My coffee cart was located near the entrance, looking out over the vast vineyard landscapes, and the other side, facing the guests.

Needless to say, when the temperature reaches into the 40 degrees, most people prefer iced drinks. You might be surprised to know that at this event, most people had their coffees hot, and the mocha seemed to be the most popular.

Bridal showers are always such special celebrations. Being a man, I haven’t attended any bridal showers until getting into this business. And now, I have learned that there are some traditions that take place at bridal showers, involving activities including games that show the guests’ knowledge of the bride, and also making dresses out of toilet paper! Who knew? But of course, it is a celebration to congratulate the soon-to-be bride on her upcoming marriage, which is a great reason to celebrate indeed.

And remember folks, when you’re outside in the hot summer – drink coffee…- and stay hydrated!

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